Google soon to feature street view of Manila

Google soon to feature street view of Manila
Google is also publishing special 360-degree imagery of four locations within Intramuros so that Filipinos and people around the world can view and experience these historic sites in a new, immersive way. Street View is a popular feature of Google Maps …
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Fiber laser revenues boost the 2013 laser market
For the year, laser sales were up in the seven market sectors ILS had identified as key to continuing revenue growth — markets that to one degree or another seem to be resilient to regional economic downswings and markets with processes that are …
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Who Carries the Gold Standard Now?
When BeiDou achieves its planned global reach, an event scheduled for 2020, the constellation will consist of 35 satellites: 5) satellites, still presumably above China to large degree, and 30 medium Earth orbit (MEO) satellites. … The publishing of …
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Help honeybees in Idaho this year
Between parasitic mites, viruses, pesticides and a lack of good forage, bees are struggling, and since our food supply depends on bees to a large degree, it is in the best interest for everyone to do what we can, individually, to assist them. Many …
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